Arke Ministries Organization International

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Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers


We get many calls to provide finance to other ministries but that requires that others help us by providing funds for us to do this.

It is like that we are flying in an ancient plane when we should be flying in a jet plane.

We still seem to be locked into old photography that is what it appears when it comes to getting the finance others need.

This is the place that donations can be made to support the work of Arke Ministries Organization International. We are registered as a Non Profit Organization in Australia, but our outreach is international. Also people who are seeking ordination for a ministry that they are engaged in can use this donation area to pay the one time registration fee who qualify according to the rules that are set out. More information is obtainable in our websites these sites have moved and are being updated slowly. Arke Promotions will be gradually building the business side that will have things to buy. Also Music For Dummies has music downloads then there is Hidden Truth Music that has useful information for those into the music side of things.

You can donate using PayPal.